Saturday, November 23, 2013

Dog Training

My super dope dog, Bodie, is a funny little guy.  He has so much personality and he loves people.  Unfortunately he can find other dogs a bit challenging.  At the dog park he is good with almost all dogs but occasionally he does feel the need to try and be the alpha.  When my in-laws brought their dog over to the house I got to see how much of a challenge that is for him as he was ready to attack their dog, which is super friendly.  With this situation and him becoming more aggressive towards the neighbor's dog my wife and decided it was time to have him do some training.  I want to make sure that my dog is confident in different situations, calm and knows to trust me.  Bodie has now been through three training sessions and it has been quite helpful.  It is really fun to see his mind work to learn new ways to handle things and how to be responsive to my wife and I.  While he does have a long way to go he is getting better impulse control and learning to be more respectful.  I am enjoying watching and working with the little guy.  Most importantly, my wife and I are getting trained for what to do with him.  Along with the training, I also enjoy learning the different reasons for why he responds the way he does.  Bodie's lack of impulse control is something that rescue puppies often show as the beginning of their lives were more of a fight.  I thought it was also funny to learn Bodie's need to dissect his toys is a primal urge going back to pulling the guts out of the kill.  So badass!  Ok this was a weird ramble but I am going to try and blog a bit more often.  I know how badly everyone needs to know what is going on in my life.

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