Friday, December 6, 2013

Instant World Cup Draw Reaction

The world cup draw just happened and here are my very quick and not thought out thoughts (uhhh)...

Group A: Brazil has got to be pretty happy about this one.  Mexico as well, if they get their stuff together though could get second place.

Group B: This is a group of death.  The Spain v Netherlands match is going to be a lot of fun to watch.  Sucks to be Australia.

Group C: Kind of a soft group here.

Group D: This is another tough one where there could be some surprises.  Will England finally show up to a World Cup?

Group E: France has got to be pumped to get drawn in this one.

Group F: Argentina got an easy draw here.

Group G: This is a rough one for USA, no breaks.  Germany has got to be feeling pretty confident. 

Group H: This is a good draw for Belgium as this is there once in a generation chance to do some damage in the World Cup.  If they win their group and USA manages to get second place they would play each other.


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