Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Few World Cup Thoughts

Some random tidbits about the World Cup.

Apparently Puma doesn't make soccer jerseys in any size larger than extra small.

Adidas has some of the ugliest soccer boots out there.

Is this Spanish collapse the biggest let down ever by a World Cup team?  People keep saying they are old and tired but just a few weeks ago a number of them won the Champions League.  Just a horrible time for every player to suddenly play awful?  Coaching?  Tough to know besides the results.

Germany looks good.  Like really, really good.  They made Portugal look silly.

The Netherlands looked really, really good.  Then they played Australia and while they still look like one of the teams to beat giving up 2 goals to the Roos is surprising.

Argentina and Brazil need to step it up.  We have only seen one game by Argentina so maybe it was just first game jitters but they didn't win that convincingly in game one.  Brazil looked a bit shaky against Croatia and they didn't look that much better against Mexico.  Speaking of which...Mexico seems to be growing in confidence and could actually do something.  I wish there was a camera at all times on Mexico's coach.  He is so animated and he has that awful haircut and huge chin.  Love it.  Big game against Croatia coming up.  Speaking of Croatia, wow they just demolished Cameroon.  Speaking of Cameroon, wow they just lost their heads and looked like idiots.  Getting a red card is one thing, but so obviously elbowing a guy in the back? Stupid.  Head butting your own teammate? Stupid.

Well that USA game was stressful.  One minute of awesome followed by 80 minutes of 'we are about to get scored on' followed by 'saw that one coming' followed by 5 minutes of 'holy shit! we scored! now hang on!'  The game ain't always beautiful but the three points are.  Michael Bradley is going to need to play better against Portugal, he is too important to be able to have another bad game.

There have been so many goals! This is the most exciting World Cup in a long time.  If someone were to watch pretty much any of these games and still decided that soccer is boring they are a bad person, and that's a fact.

I love all of the African player's haircuts.  There are some awesome styles out there.

Speaking of hair, I like that on Korea and Japan their best player is the only guy with bleached hair.  Guess they got dibs.

Costa Rica! What an awesome surprise!

It's nice to see that many of the MLS players playing in this World Cup and competing and really doing quite well.  Good for the league.

France looks good.  Switzerland looks boring, no creativity whatsoever.

Colombia and Chile look good.  Fun soccer that scores goals.

I don't know why I'm rooting for England but I hope they can pull it together.  I don't think they will though.

I still don't like Italy but I do love Pirlo.  Guy is only 35 but looks like he is about to turn 43.  He also kicks amazing free kicks.  This would have been so sweet if it had gone in.

So far these are my votes for the two best goals of the Cup.

Oh and if Joe Hart wants the ball...give him the ball.


NoLimitNelson said...

i love mexico's coach!

#1 said...

Well, 1 out of 4 vids still work. Not bad after a week.