Sunday, December 14, 2014

Stefan's Top 10 from 2013

We are getting close to the time of year when the blog actually looks like a blog and people write posts.  That’s right! We are close to the time of year when we each write our top 10 albums of the year.  Before I post mine I thought it would be a good idea to take a look back at my list from last year and see how it has held up.

1.  The National - Trouble Will Fine Me:  I have listened to this album a bunch over the last year.  This has definitely held up.

2.  Jason Isbell - Southeastern:  I like this album a lot, a whole lot. Great songs.

3.  Frightened Rabbit - Pedestrian Verse:  I haven’t listened to this album in a while but it definitely holds up and I still really like it.

4.  Sol - Eyes Open EP:  For some reason this year I haven’t listened to much hip-hop.  I can’t remember the last time I heard this.  I would love for Sol to come out with another album, he makes great stuff, maybe a new album would get me back into the genre.

5.  St. Lucia - When the Night:  This is one of my wife’s favorite albums and because of that I have listened to this album quite a lot.  Still holds up and I am not sick of it.

6.  The Physics - Digital Wildlife:  Look at number 4, same thing.

7.  Haim - Days are Gone:  I could definitely take this one off of my list.  I am sick of Haim.

8.  John Legend - Love in the Future:  This is another one I haven’t listened to in quite a while.  Good stuff but I would say it hasn’t held up.

9.  Mayer Hawthorne - Where Does This Door Go?:  I have continued to enjoy this album.  I could have put this one higher on my list.

10.  Rhye - Woman:  I haven’t listened to this in a while but every time I do I wonder why it took me so long.  This is good stuff.

Ok so overall my list has held up pretty well and I am still happy with it.  Could of made some changes but enough looking back, gotta look forward! 

Top 10 lists will be coming.

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