Thursday, July 19, 2012


My name is Nicholas Williams.  The founders/writers of the TheSShH asked me to, well, begged me to put together a 5th Anniversary Special Guest Blog Series.  If you didn’t already know, TheSShH has been online since September 15th, 2007.  I know what you are thinking…Have I really been following these guys for 5 years?   The answer is quite simple.  Yes, you have.  
Over the next two months you will see my posts for each year of TheSShH.  My first post will be about 2007, obviously.  My following posts will be then focus on 2008, then 2009, maybe 2010, definitely 2011 and if I am not bored out of mind going through old postings, 2012.
Like the original goal of TheSShH, I will be writing summaries and analysis on the themes of the writers’ postings.  However, most likely I’ll become a lazy bitch and just post links to the previous posts.  Just like the writers themselves.
Peace out Snitches,
Gingersnap out!

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