Friday, July 9, 2010

Great Letter


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Danny said...

Two thoughts. First, Lebron owes nothing to the Cleveland Cavaliers organization. They had plenty of time (and cap space) to bring in the players and coach needed to create a winning team around LBJ. They failed to do so. He obviously feels that he needs a supporting cast of super-talented players to win. Cleveland never even began to provide that. Was the way Lebron handled his announcement cruel to Cavs fans? Definitely. But the idea that he betrayed the organization is just wrong. They had their chance and they blew it. Big time. Fans should be blaming Dan Gilbert and the rest of the dip-shits that run the Cavs, not Lebron.

Second, there is absolutely no way that the Cleveland Cavaliers win an NBA title before Lebron does. I would wager that Lebron James is retired and a US Senator from Ohio before the Cavs win a title. Right now, the Cavs are more likely to go bankrupt and fold than win the Larry O'Brien Trophy.