Sunday, July 11, 2010

World Cup all ugly team

over the past month I have watched a lot of soccer games (or football matches, whatever).  From watching these games I have come to realize that there are a lot of ugly players out there.  I have decided to make my all ugly team.  Some are picked for obvious reasons and others for specific reasons.  Enjoy and be happy you don't look like these guys, but be envious of the money they probably make.  Before you think I am being mean with this just do a google image search of their names followed by wife or girlfriend.  They are doing ok, except for maybe Ribery, he has been linked to a 16 year old prostitute.


Faouzi Chaouchi (Algeria):  What a terrible terrible haircut.

Right Defense:

Pepe (Portugal): His full name is Képler Laveran Lima Ferreira.  Smudgy face.  

Center Defense:

John Terry (England):  Terry is more picked for having a 4 month affair with one of his teammates ex-girlfriends, he is married by the way.  When it all came out he lost his spot as team captain.  Good work.

Center Defense:

Carlos Puyol (Spain):  Member of Spinal Tap?

Left Defense:

Rigobert Song (Cameroon): Easy on the bleach buddy.

Left Mid:

Frank Ribery (France): This one is pretty obvious.  Did I mention that he also has been linked to a 16 year old prostitute?

Center Mid:

Zdeno Štrba (Slovakia): Not an attractive man.

Center Mid:

Mesut Ozil (Germany): He has some huge eyes.  Reminds me of a Tim Burton character or a lemur.

Right Mid: 

Dirk Kuyt (Netherlands):  I don't know why he is dressed as superman but awesome!  He looks like Sloth from Goonies.


Carlos Tevez (Argentina):  This guy must be part caveman.


Edinson Canvari (Uruguay): This one is picked because I don't like how he plays and he has braces.  Haha, brace face.

Some honorable mentions: Drogba's hair, Georgios Samaras, Arjen Robben (he is only 26 years old!), and Sebastian Abreu.  There are many more that could work but this were the first to come to mind.

Congratulations Spain.

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Danny said...

According to one of the ESPN announcers, Puyol wears his hair long because he is self-conscious about the size of his ears. Apparently his ears are huge.