Saturday, January 21, 2012

Playoff Picks!

You didn't think I was going to post my picks this week did you? DIDN'T YOU?! Where is the faith?

Baltimore v New England: New England has the home field and Brady advantage while the Ravens have the Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, Ray Rice and Flacco's mustache advantage. Speaking of Flacco, I think this game comes down to him. He has to perform better than he did last week. I believe he will and Baltimore will win this high scoring yet close game...35-31

New York v San Francisco: Home field advantage is going to be huge for the 49ers but they are playing one of the best playoff traveling teams. The Giants are looking good right now but I think the 49ers defense will be able to hold back stupid face Eli Mannning. I don't like him. San Fran over New York 17-13.

Last night I watched the awesome film, The Guardian. Imagine a combination of Lock Stock and Napoleon Dynamite. Do yourself a favor and watch it. Great stuff.

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