Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Lil More Music

I can't believe I forgot to mention this album when I did my music post a while ago...

Fresh Espresso - Bossalona: I absolutely love this album.  Psmoov is crazy talented and I believe he has had a very large influence on much of the sound of Seattle hip-hop.  Speaking of Psmoov this album seems to have quite a number of songs with just him and without Rick Rude (the other half of Fresh Espresso).  I believe he recorded a lot of this in his home state of Michigan.  This is fun hip-hop without being pretentious.  It is also interesting that during the making of this album Psmoov went clean and quite drinking and using drugs.  Through his rhymes you can tell which ones were written before going clean and which ones were written after.  A pretty powerful song is "Goodbye My Love," a great song about coming clean and stopping the drug use.  Now this album also knows how to party, check out the tunes "Benihana" and "Goodnight Sinatra." I'll finish this like I started it...I love this album

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