Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Music Music...

Time to write something!

I have been meaning to do a little something about music but haven't had the time or the right 'tude to do it.  At this point I think the best thing to do is to cover a number of different music stuff and just go with it.

Sol - Yours Truly: This album is absolutely fantastic.  Great Seattle hip-hop, he was Macklemore's opening act for his last tour.  Kid is a UW student that sounds beyond his years.  The beats are also fantastic.  Listen to this album and try not to like it.  I would compare him to other people but I think that would just diminish his ability and sound.

Bon Iver - iTunes Sessions: A nice little EP of different versions of Bon Iver's tunes.  I really wish they had done the song Perth but it is very nice anyways.

Brett Dennen - Loverboy: Brett Dennen really follows his signature sound and doesn't stray much on this.  I never listen to Brett Dennen except for in the summer.  I am a fan of his catchy single Comeback Kid.  Frozen in Slow Motion is also a pretty sweet song.

NaS - Life if Good: NaS is pushing 40 now but still rap rap rapping.  He tends to follow the same pattern, rap about the ghetto, drug dealers, cheating women and how great his first album was.  You know what though? I don't care, I still like it.  I will admit that I think the second half of the album is much better than the first.  I think this is a real solid album and it is nice to see that he still sticks to rap and hasn't gone the way of pop rap.

When NaS focuses his writing on a story? Amazing...check out Black Bond.

Frank Ocean - channel Orange: I haven't been into R&B stuff for a while but this has some pretty good songs.  Of course this album also comes with all of the drama that he came out right before it was released.  This is a great step forward for the all of hip-hop and R&B.  This is a good album but I'm not the one to fully appreciate it.

SBTRKT - SBTRKT: This is some interesting electro/house type stuff.  I heard about them through my brother and I have rocked out to it a number of times since.  I like most of the songs but some of them wear on me a little bit. It is pretty good music for the background.

Who doesn't like to wear a mask every once and a while?

Rick Ross - God Forgives, I Don't: In general I really don't like this style of hip-hop but for some reason I really like Rick Ro$$.  His songs always feature that woman in the background going, "Maybach music..." (his record company) and him going "Ruh!" but I think that is just part of the charm.  I don't think this album is as good as his last, "Teflon Don" but I can still rock out to it.  Seriously, aren't those album names just ridiculous?

Citizen Cope - One Lovely Day: Like Brett Dennen, I only listen to Citizen Cope in the summer.  I kind of forgot about him to be honest.  Again, like Dennen, I find this album to be pretty average for their ability.  Nothing really new in the sound but certainly not any worse.  Easy to listen to in the sun.

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