Friday, January 8, 2016

Top 10!

Congratulations Danny, I didn't think you had it in you.

Yesterday I posted my top EPs of 2015. Now it is time for my top albums.  My top 10 12!

12.  Mumford and Sons - Wilder Mind: When this album first came out my reaction was, great, Mumford and Sons is trying to become U2/Coldplay.  Well dang, I like this album.  Have they become a bit more generic? Yes, but this is my list, go away, leave me alone.

11.  Leon Bridges - Coming Home: Music from a different era, Leon makes music that you just don’t hear anymore.  Great stuff.  He reminds me of Josh Rouse in a way.  Music that takes me to a different place and less complicated time.

10.  Josh Rouse - The Embers of Time: Josh Rouse continues to make safe and easy to listen to albums.  His songs aren’t exceptionally deep but they make me think of sunny skies and a simple life.  Good escape music.

9.  Alabama Shakes - Sound and Color:  I was pretty late to listen to this album because I expected it to just sound like their old album but I was mistaken.  They expanded their boundaries and experimented with different sounds and influences.  It makes for a really good album.

 8.  Guy Harvey - Courting the Squall: The Elbow lead singer goes out on his own and makes a very Elbow sounding album.  Guy likes to add screeches and random drum sounds but it works and he has a killer voice.

 7.  Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment - Surf: I like how this album goes in a lot of different directions and doesn’t pigeonhole itself.  It is a fun album that reminds you hip-hop isn’t all the stereotypes of drugs and women etc.

6.  City and Colour - If I Should Go Before You: While some of his lyrics are a bit simplistic he has a great voice and makes great songs.  Good from beginning to end.

 5.  Jamie XX - In Colour:  I enjoy the creativity of this album with different guest vocalists and sounds.  Jamie shows his chops by not being tied to the typical XX sound. 

4.  Action Bronson - Wonderland:  I find Action Bronson hilarious, he continuously calls himself gorgeous and raps about food, a lot.  Like the Donnie Trumpet (Chance the Rapper) album he goes in a lot of different directions and makes a unique album.  His videos are also great, like, the best.

 3.  Lord Huron - Strange Trails: I am a huge fan of this band and their sound.  Lots of songs about love, loss and death.  It is easy to picture a Western movie to go with each song.  Makes me want to ride a horse or something.

2.  Jason Isbell - Something More Than Free: The greatest singer songwriter alive right now.  Every song is heartfelt and powerful.  It is amazing that he is only 36 years old.  He writes songs like he has had a lifetime of experiences and makes you believe he has been everyone one of his song’s characters.

1.  Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp a Butterfly: My number one! Pretty much everyone has this as the top album of the year but there is a reason for that.  Kendrick writes extremely powerful lyrics that make you think and open your eyes to a part of the country that I have no experience with.  Lines from hiis song Alright has also been a chant during recent Police protests...powerful.

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