Thursday, January 7, 2016

Top EPs of 2015

I am still working on my Top 10 albums of the year list, and Danny and Tanner won't write one so this blog is basically only me now.  Here is a different list until I get to mine...

My Top 7 EPs!

I was going narrow this down to Top 5 EPs but I saw that I had 7 so figured, whatever, I will do 7.  Here we go...

7. Petit Noir - The King of Anxiety EP: This South African artists EP covers a number of musical genres with bits of electronica and different experimental sounds.  It makes me think of Music on the Radio and old, when they were good, Bloc Party.  I really like the song Chess.

6.  Mt. Wolf - Red EP: This band reminds me a bit of Sigur Ros, lots of haunting melodies and vocals.  This would be higher but the EP is only 4 songs and one of them is just someone talking for like 7 minutes.

5. River Whyless - River Whyless EP: A combo of Indie and Americana this group has very soft vocals with violins and quiet drums.  Makes me think of what Hipsters would consider country music.

4. Alvarez Kings - Fear to Feel EP: This might be considered a bit of over emotional pop but I like it.  Synths! Guitars! Drums with echoes! Skinny jeans! Goofy haircuts! I'm not going a good job of selling this.

3. Lanks - Banquet EP: More electronica style stuff.  Reminds me a bit of Sohn.  I would post his only official video but it is kind of weird so here is a different one...

2.  Panama - Always EP: Another Australian electronica band...hmm I'm beginning to notice a theme here.  These guys remind me a bit of St.Lucia.  Fun stuff.

1. Jake McMullen - Always EP: I just realized my two favorite EPs of the year have the same title. WHOA! Super crazy.  This one isn't electronica! I really can't wait for this guy to come out with a full album.  A bit of an unusual voice but I love it with the echoey guitars in the background.  Definitely some Ryan Adams influences.  Great stuff.

Well there you go, my top EPs of 2015.

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